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Tito was die 4.5.1980 and in 5.4.1981 I was Born dead and reanimated / I was alergic on water, so I almost expirienced second dead in my first year on this planet. 

2 year before 1987, I was start going in school 

at 15 I become Comic reseller

at 16 helping my mom in accountant agency

at 18 working like barkeeper 

at 19 already printed and typewriten graduation defense, seminars, as well one magistrate, several books, 2 school newspapers and many calendars, business cards, and promo materials...

in 2001, resell first 486 dx2 66mhz and for all money go 7 days on Exit festival in Novi Sad / Serbia

In the mean time be involved in couple project where I was develope programs for helping my neighbor who was doing export/import, one accountant agency and a couple programs more for my mom to help her get her business do it faster! Dos, Qbasic, Clarion, Dbase, FoxProx..... and then was come virtualization.... Windows 3.10  

For heaving fun, in Jun 2002, im going to the ARMY now... ooooooo in the ARMY now......

After major surgery, of the hip and shoulder, on opt/out of the Army, I looked like I'd been run over by a tank. And then I knew that I had already earned retirement. 

Recovery took me a year and another year where I worked as a volunteer because I have not paid properly, in a wholesale dry-cured meat products.  Strengthened enough, can extend further virtualization. 

Im going back little bit to make house at my house, and when I get news that the school that I was in that moment study, and that was Industrial managament, closing down because comming new rools of EU, im decideing to leave it with 3 exam to pass it.... Im going to Belgrade.... and Yes, there between opportunity to work like Chaufeur in Hotel "Balkan", I choose a wholesale of drinks, and you know what? I was driving in center of all public places, speaking with many people and working from dusk till down... 

So another opportunity call me and As per the duties I'm going in Kučevo to be a Manager in one Casino and to live in Hotel where from time to time I was DJ, Rock star and Fighter. That was good time. I remember that in one second I was decide to close casino and wreck one machine "I can not tell the name of the machine", but that move was bring us good advantage and we are in no time were ahead of the competition. 

I can brag that I cared about more life around me, Unfortunately, the system in which they lived pulled them to the limit, Some survived, some do not.

As per deserves and permit, we going on vacation. Greek that year was milk and honey for what was awaiting me in my country. Right now there living my lovely Prima Dona, my proud. 

2007. On birth of one special person in my life, I was open my first business, and that was last till August 2012. 

In the mean time with coincidence I was candidate for president of my place, and just like that I was first person belove the line, without any effort and promotion. I was not succed to be first man, but was mean to me soo much and give me the power that I was needed for further experiences.

2010, was year for tears, happiness and reproduction. 

I'm moving to Italy. Till 2013 I get involved in one case for harassment human rights, illegal workers and work on black. My opponent was local mobster with a great lobby. 

I personaly write my story on italian language and I represent himself in court of justice. It was long and an endless battle that made me tremble, I felt the excitement and the glory V was come in a beautiful morning view with envelope without stamps. 

Austria my next step... Here I come Here I go! 2014. Almost is 2020...

The combination of circumstances I find way to combine sport with humanity and proudly I create Charity Relay Racce Challenge, guided by the vision and idea ICE bucket and now Condom challenge, what can turn you ON. To escape from reality that you know, to give some humanity that will back like karma that you deserve. 

With the Internet revolution of new trend "to be what you wanna be, to be what you can not be, to be what you like to be, to express your life and wreck the system in you live!" 

I get in possesion of some valuable information that can turn small business problem in realization of their dreams. In challenge it everything they do not know, and they think that know.

Value of your self is expressed in what you posses and how much you power have to change some lives if they follow simple system with great entartainment product.

You are the product, remember! 

In any pixel you see, technology was implemented to interact with you on one way or another. If you see the power in that system, you will use it. If you do not, you will pass it or create some new point of view on current situation in where you are now. 

Traveling without moving! Is it possibile?

Name without Domain! Is it cost effective?

To donate! Whether it reaches!



Herr Dorde Marjanovic

Fight Club X3m / created by affirmation of extra ordinary solution

2015, december 20. 


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